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Rub Cleaner

Rub Cleaner

    The HC rub cleaner is used to clean plastic film after shredding. The plastic firm after cleaning can be pelletized directly.

    The HC rub cleaner is widely used in recycling of PE/PP plastic film, PE/PP plastic bag, plastic woven bag and PET bottle.

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  • Features
  • Specification

  • Through the rotating friction plate and fix friction plate (150 units per meter) staggered cleaning, the rub cleaner can clean the materials totally.
  • Step to step pollution discharging design can avoid recontamination problem;
  • The fishing device fishes and dries the shredded materials to avoid the sewage from entering into the next procedure to ensure good cleaning effect;
  • Special water line design in the rub cleaner realizes rub cleaning together with wash cleaning to solve incomplete cleaning problem caused by the spray cleaner;
  • Avoids the belt pulley of rub cleaner slipping during the cleaning process;
  • Safe, high efficient, constant rotate speed and low repair cost.


The HC rub cleaner can clear off sand and impurities. It is featured with smooth feeding, stable output, low energy consumption, low vibration noise, strong machine structure design, low maintenance cost and long life service.

The HC rub cleaner also can remove the remaining trademarks, glue and liquid medicine. It is a professional recycling machine for getting high grade plastic with high productivity, good cleaning effect and only within 3% final moisture content.