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Plastic Dewatering Machine

Plastic Dewatering Machine

    The HC plastic dewatering machine is designed to clean PE/PP plastic film, artificial grass, PET bottles, PP woven bags.

    The HC plastic prewasher is widely used in plastic recycling.

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  • Features
  • Specification

  • Main shaft with high rigidity and good toughness is anti-wearable;
  • High rotating speed, high efficiency and energy saving;
  • Low noise, low maintenance;
  • Blades made of 60Si2Mn are easy to disassemble and maintain;
  • The screen is rotatable to avoid blocking;
  • The cabinet with modular design makes it easy to install and assemble;
  • Water cooling bearing seat increases the heat emission efficiency;
  • Protection for mechanical and electrical overloading;
  • Whole machine system meets CE safety requirements.

The HC plastic dewatering machine is suitable for low rigidity, small size plastic sheets or strips like plastic film and adhesive tape.