ANSI/DIN Industrial Valves
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YFL Profile

YFL Profile

YFL Industrial Supply Corp., Ltd. is specializing in complete industrial valve solutions.  

To make fluid & solid flow, we bring in wear protection and solid shredding solutions.

In addition to general industrial valves, we focus on featured products as follow:


1.    Hydraulic turbine inlet butterfly valves and ball valves

2.    Abrasion resistant ceramic valves, metal seated ball valves

3.    NBR/EPDM/FEP/PTFE/PFA lined valves, special alloy valves

4.    Heavy duty/Wear resistant PU lined/Bi-directional knife gate valves

5.    High temperature high pressure valves, cryogenic valves, ESD valves

6.    API 6D pipeline ball valves, plug valves, slab gate valves, check valves


Our experienced engineers are always ready to help with professional solutions for special applications and solve problems of corrosion, abrasion, high pressure, extreme temperature in Power, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Mining & Metallurgy, Pulp & Water etc.


YFL valves create values.

We open your business and close your problems.

YFL for 誉丰利 means benefiting from reputation.

We focus on your satisfaction and our responsibility.