About YFL
YFL Industrial Supply Corp., Ltd. is an environmentally responsible company focuses on SV brand industrial valves and HC brand solid waste solutions. The reliable SV industrial valves keep the water, oil and gas flowing safely in various industrial pipelines to avoid leakage, explosion and pollution. The effective HC solid waste solutions reduce, reuse, recycle the waste to energy and protect our environment. YFL has an energetic working team with dedicated, experienced and responsible product experts to solve clients' problems and create values for our customers.   The SV industrial valves are produced according to API, DIN, BS, GOST standards as request, certified by ISO, API, CE, AD2000, with 3.1B original materials certifications & test reports and 18 months warranty. The SV industrial valves include top entry ball valve, side entry ball valve, globe control valve, API 6A wellhead valve, plug valve, bellows seal valve, slab gate valve, knife gate valve, butterfly valve, strainer, gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ductile cast iron valve, slurry valve, dumping valve, diaphragm valve, stream trap, safety valve, reducing valve, jacketed valve, lined fluorine valve, lined rubber valve, ceramic valve and special materials valves etc.   The HC solid waste solutions are customized specially for our customers according to different solid waste conditions and applications with cutting-edge technology, innovative design concept, strict quality management system and quick response after sales service. The HC solid waste solutions include sewage grinder, primary shredder, secondary shredder, single shaft shredder, single shaft granulator, double shaft shredder, four shaft shredder, kitchen waste organics recycling system, municipal solid waste sorting and RDF system, tire recycling system, plastic recycling line and waste electronic electrical equipments recycling line etc.   The SV industrial valves and HC solid waste solutions have been working safely and effectively for more than 10 years in the industries of oil & gas production, oil & gas long distance pipeline, refinery & petrochemical, city gas pipeline network, district heating pipeline system, thermal power plant, offshore engineering, water supply & drainage, hydropower station, wastewater treatment plant, waste shredding & recycling, waste to energy power station, paper making, metallurgy and mining etc. all over the world. Our Partners: