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High Speed Washer

High Speed Washer

    The HC high speed washer is used for prewashing the material before shredding.

    The HC high speed washer improves the cleaning quality, reduces wearing and tearing of the cutters, increases productivity and has great effect in large scale processing and production. 

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  • No need to remove the stitches, shear the edges and shred the woven bags into pieces. The woven bags can be put into the high speed washer directly.
  • High speed, big power and strong load;
  • The high speed washer equipped with electric cabinet is easy and convenient to operate with stable performance;
  • Compared with other washers, the high speed washer has much stricter requirements on the waterproofness, dynamic balance, structure strength, noise reduction and safety coefficient. 


The HC high speed washer is suitable for high efficiently rubbing, cleaning, separating and softening light materials with high impurities and sands containing like agriculture plastic film, cement bag, non woven fabrics, nylon wire and leftover materials of paper making factory and packaging factory.