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Waste Tire Recycling Line

Waste Tire Recycling Line

    The HC Waste tire recycling line is designed to solve the environment problem of more and more tire mountains caused by increasing traffic volume.

    With advantage of fully automatic operation (without manual removing tire bead from steel wire), processing in normal temperature and without secondary pollution, the HC tire recycling line is easy to access by operators without special training.

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Waste Tire Recycling Line Main Components:

Waste Tire Shredding,Separating,Granulating Recycling Line

  1. Pre-shredding into 50-300 mm
  2. Secondary shredding into 30-50mm
  3. Steel wire separation
  4. Fine pulverizer/ granulator into 1-3mm
  5. Size classifying
  6. Textile separation

Applications of Tire Recycling Final Products:

Producing machine pad, various types of subgrade cushion gasket;  Producing colorful elastic floor;
Machine pad, subgrade cushion gasketColorful elastic floor

Producing waterproof coiled material, waterproof coating, water proof sealing material as building construction products;                                                           Using to produce all kinds of soles;
waterproof materialsSoles

Building the construction of sports venues, the plastic runways, artificial turfs.
Plastic runways, plastic sports venues

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