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Municipal Solid Waste RDF System

Municipal Solid Waste RDF System

    The HC Municipal solid waste RDF system first sorts out the solid waste which can be recycled such as paper, plastic, ferrous metal, aluminum etc. and then shreds the rest combustible waste to make Reuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for gasification power plant or cement factory.

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MSW Recycling Line Technical Process Flow:

Technical process flow of MSW recycling line

MSW Recycling Line Main components:

municipal solid waste recycling line

  1. Slat feeder or belt feeder
  2. Bale breaker
  3. Trommel screen
  4. Air separator system
  5. Hanging Magnetic separator
  6. Eddy current separator
  7. Manual sorting platform
  8. RDF shredder
  9. Single screw dewaterer
  10. RDF shaping machine

MSW Recycling Line Main Equipments:

Slat Conveyor & Belt Conveyor                                                     Bag Breaker

Slat conveyor & belt conveyorBag breaker

Trommel Screen divides the MSW into two parts: above 80 mm and under 80 mm.

Trommel screen

Air Separator System divides the MSW into light fractions and heavy fractions.

Air separator system

Hanging Magnetic Separator sorts out ferrous  Eddy Current Separator sorts out Alu&copper

Hanging Magnetic separatorEddy Current Separator

Manual Sorting Platform                                                           RDF Shredder

Manual sorting platformRDF shredder

Single Spiral Dehydrator                                                  RDF Shaping Machine

Single screw dehydratorRDF shaping machine

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