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Kitchen Waste Organics Recycling Machine

Kitchen Waste Organics Recycling Machine
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Applications of Kitchen waste recycling machine:

kitchen waste applications

Features of Kitchen waste organics machine:

  • More than 95% inorganic substance can be separated and the dewatering rate is more than 70%;
  • Flexible shredding technology makes the inorganic substance discharge automatically to prevent it from going to the next procedure and relieves the processing burden of next procedure.
  • The organic is 100% recycled to avoid wasting caused by not thorough separating and reduce the operation cost and increase profits.
  • With large processing capacity of 15 to 20 t/h;
  • Energy saving, high process efficiency;
  • The intelligent PLC control system can control the machine remotely to record, start, stop and supervise automatically;
  • The speed can be controlled automatically with frequency converted;
  • Suitable for many working modes.

Model Parameters of Kitchen waste recycling machine:

MODEL PARAMETERS for kitchen waste recycling

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