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Three Piece Cast Body Ceramic Ball Valve

Three Piece Cast Body Ceramic Ball Valve

    The YFL three piece cast body ceramic ball valve has three pieces cast body and ceramic ball to suit corrosive and abrasive service such as:

    •Silicon powder
    •Alumina powder
    •Dry coal powder
    •Coal powder injection
    •Metallurgical dust
    •Petroleum Solid Catalyst

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The YFL three pieces cast body ceramic ball valve is suitable for harsh applications as follows:

Coal fired power plants: Flue gas desulphurisation plants (FGD); Lime slurry and gypsum slurry process water with high chlorides and solids content;

Steel works: Injection of coal powder (PCI); Injection of carbon powder in electric arc furnaces (EAF); Raw iron desulphurisation (supply of additives: CaC, MgO2…)

Polysililcon:Si3Cl4, TCS, raw silicon, splitting of silicon with acids, conveying of silicon powder;

Waste incineration plants: HCl - prewashers, limestone suspension for pH regeneration, corrosive washing water (HF loaded);

Paper & Pulp/dye works: Kaoflin, bentonite, fillers, dyes, bleachers and talcum;

Paper machine: Pulp residue, lime suspension, MgO2, green liquor, wood particles in suspension;

Mining: Copper: Splitting of ore with H2SO4 , copper residues in suspension, concentrated copper slurries (˝floatation˝) to the filter, pneumatic conveying of copper powder to smelter, air bleed valve on the pneumatic conveying container; There are similar applications for zinc and other noble metals.  

Pneumatic conveying: All types of dry bulk material (quartz, silicon, lime, coal, glass, cement, PP pellet etc.);

Petrochemistry: FCC aluminium oxide powder as the catalyst, catalyst slurry;

Fertilizer: Ammonium nitrate slurry, phosphoric acid with solids (lime), dolomite, washing water with hydrofluoric acid content;

Chemistry: Pigments: TiO2 suspension, Ti3Cl4, H2SO4 + TiO2, FeCl2 etc.

Product range:

Size: DN15DN300 1/2’’ 12’’

Pressure rating: PN16PN100 150lbs600lbs

End connection: Flanged RF RTJ BW

Body materials: WCB CF8 CF8M lined with Al2O3 ceramic

Seat materials: Al2O3 ceramic

Ball materials: ZrO2 ceramic

Technical standards:

Design: ASME B16.34

Face to Face: ASME B16.10

Flanged ends: ANSI B16.5 EN1092-1

Test & Inspection: API598