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Pneumatic Y Type Flat Bottom Downward Dumping Valve

Pneumatic Y Type Flat Bottom Downward Dumping Valve

    The SV Pneumatic flat bottom Y type dumping valve has body seat between the bottom flanges so that it is easy to replace the seat and maintain the valve.

    The body flow passage of the flat bottom Y type dumping valve is designed as streamline type with small flow resistance to prevent from depositing and scaling.

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  • Features
  • Specification
  • Anti-wearable, anti-corrosive, anti-scaling in working condition with solid particles;
  • Upward type and downward type available;
  • Pushing and pressing the scaling in the trough;
  • Welded on the slot wall.

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Product range:

  • Body materialCarbon steel
  • Normal sizeDN20~600
  • Pressure ratingPN 6~PN 25
  • Suitable temperature≤200
  • Operation typeHandwheel, gear operated, electric, pneumatic
  • Suitable serviceSlurry contained solid particles in industries of Aluminum oxide, mining and metallurgy etc.

Technical standards:

  • Design standardJB/T 11489, ASME B16.34
  • Face to FaceGB/T 12221
  • Flange dimensionsGB/T 9113, HG/T 20592, HG/T 20615, ASME B16.5
  • Pressure testGB/T 26480, API 598
  • Product MarkGB/T 12220, MSS SP-25