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Magnetic separator

Magnetic separator

    The HC Magnetic separator is widely used for separating iron from non-magnetic metals like of copper, aluminum, tin and lead in recycling line of municipal solid waste, industrial waste, furnace ash, waste electronic home appliance, glass, waste plastic, boiler ash and waste car.

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Advantage of Magnetic separator:

  • Energy saving compared with electric magnetic iron remover;
  • Adopts open magnetic circuit and high pulse magnetic field to ensure the magnetic materials flip many times on the magnetic roller to recycle the iron from the non magnetic materials and greatly increase the iron removing efficiency;
  • Compact structure, reliable, reasonable and easy to repair and maintain;
  • Suitable for wide range of materials above size of 2 mm.

Applications of Magnetic separator:

  • Recycles non ferric metals like aluminum, copper, zinc from car industrial waste;
  • Picks up aluminum cans from mixing rubbish; 
  • Separates aluminum rings, aluminum caps from waste glasses;
  • Separates non ferric metals from incinerator ash;
  • Recycles aluminum from shredded pieces;
  • Removes aluminum from foundry sand;
  • Removes aluminum impurity from plastic particles.