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DN1900 Hot blast valve for metallurgy industry

DN1900 Hot blast valve for metallurgy industry

    The YFL hot blast valve is installed in the hot-blast air pipeline of blast furnace system or industrial oven and heating furnace to cut off the high temperature air, coal gas and smoke.

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  • Complete types and specifications with high cost performance and applied system including hot blast stove, furnace top, waste heat recovery, gas de-dusting;
  • Meet the process requirements of the BF with high blast temperature of 1450℃, blast pressure of 0.6Mpa and productivity of 3-4ton/day/m³;
  • The metallurgy valves with 26 independent intellectual property rights have accurate on/off control, good airtight and longer service life;
  • Adopting more than 15 new technology of design, the hot blast valve can resist high temperature and has a good airtight, smooth operation, long service life, energy and water saving;
  • Utilization of complete set can guarantee the reliability and low downtime rate of the system, which has greatly reduced the cost of equipment maintenance.

  • Size: DN1900
  • Pressure: PN16
  • Temperature: 1450℃
  • Valve Body: 20galong water chamber part+Q235Bthe rest part+ refractory material
  • Valve Bonnet: Q235B + refractory material
  • Valve Stem: stainless steel 0Cr18Ni9
  • Valve Plate: 20 forgedfor sealing part+20gwater chamber side plate+235Bfor the rest