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Spiral Conveyor Channel Sludge Grinder

Spiral Conveyor Channel Sludge Grinder

    The HC spiral conveyor channel sludge grinders with double shaft cutters and spiral conveyor can be installed in various channels with different installation frame to reduce the size of solid wastes and then collect and deliver the solid particles from water to the container through spiral conveyor.

    The HC spiral conveyor channel sewage grinder is widely used for septage receiving system in airport, hospitals, prisons and institutions.

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Working Principle:


Spiral conveyor channel sludge grinder working principle


1. Solid wastes contained in wastewater enter the HC spiral conveyor channel sludge grinder through open channel.

2. Solid wastes are captured and directed by the rotating screen drum into the cutting area.

3. Wastewater and small size solid wastes pass through the rotating screen drum.

4. Double shaft blades shred the solid wastes by rotating in opposite direction.

5. Solid wastes are reduced to 6 mm-12mm tiny particles and guided into inclined shaftless spiral conveyor.

6. After washing, separating with organic and dewatering, the clean odorless small solid particles are discharged.

7. The small solid particles fall into the container or bag.



Main benefits:



  • Perfect combination for shredding solid wastes in high flow sewage and dewatering;
  • Organics flow back to channel through the conveyor groove holes;
  • Before discharge, the solid particles have been washing, lifting and dewatering;
  • Spraying washing makes the solid particles more clean and odorless;
  • Solid particles after washing and dewatering are more suitable for landfill.

    Overall Structure:

    Spiral conveyor channel sewage grinder overall structure