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Double Screen Drums Channel Wastewater Grinder

Double Screen Drums Channel Wastewater Grinder

    The HC Double screen drums channel sewage grinders with double shaft cutters and double screen drums can be installed in various channels with different installation frame to reduce the size of solid waste, prevent blocking and protect the downstream equipments like pumps and valves from damage.

    The HC Double screen drums channel wastewater grinder is widely used in open channel of integrated prefabricated pump station, wastewater treatment plant, commercial and residential district pipe network engineering, sewage lifting project etc.

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Working Principle:


Double screen drums wastewater sewage grinder working principle

1. Solid wastes contained in wastewater enter the HC double screen drums channel sewage grinder through open channel.

2. Solid wastes are captured and directed by the double rotating screen drums into the cutting area.

3. Wastewater and small size solid wastes pass through the double rotating screen drums.

4. Double shaft blades shred the solid wastes by rotating in opposite direction.

5. Solid wastes are reduced to 6 mm-12mm tiny particles without threat to downstream equipments and pass through the grinder.


Main Components:

ASTM A536 DI  Housing

ANSI 4140  Shaft

Double shaft blades

Cutters,mechanical seal,coupling

  ANSI 4130 Cutters and spacers  Mechanical seal assembly        Elastic couplings

Motor,reducer,screen drum

      Submersible IP68 motor      Planetary gear reducer   304/316 Rotating screen drum


Installation slot,metal support frame,PLC control system

                 Installation slot                    Metal support frame        PLC control system

The HC double screen drums channel wastewater grinder is suitable for large channel with large flow rate from 770 m³/hour to 6700 m³/hour.



Double drum channel sewage grinder overall dimensions, specification, flow rate




Double screen drums sewage grinder channel installation