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Abrasion Resistant Valves

Pneumatic Ceramic Knife Gate Valve for SiO2 Powder

Pneumatic Ceramic Knife Gate Valve for SiO2 Powder


    Thermal power plant: Lime slurry, fly ash

    Steel work: Ore, coal, coke, carbon powder

    Mining: copper, Zinc, Nickel suspension

    Polysilicon: Silicon powder

    Alumina: Aluminium oxide powder

    Paper & Pulp: Kaoflin, wood particles

    Petrochemical: Catalyst slurry

    FertilizerAmmonium nitrate slurry

    Chemistry: Corrosive and abrasive service

    Pneumatic conveying: Cement, glass, fiber

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Wedge with function of self-cleaning

When close, the wedge will scrape the residue on the sealing face to ensure excellent seal performance.

The wedge can cut off the solid and fiber in the medium to avoid the problem of jam fault during operation.

Excellent Anti-abrasion performance

Seat and Disc seal ring lined in material of ceramic with extreme hardness are wear resistant against friction in pneumatic conveying of powder and abrasive slurry with hard solid content in industries of steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, power, cement, paper, pulp and polysilicon etc.

Excellent Anti-corrosion performance

The ceramics are inert to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals.

Strong stability in strong corrosive slurry avoids pollution to the service.

Much longer service life

Service life of seat and disc lined with ceramic is much longer than that of conventional metal steel.

Product range:

Size: DN15DN600 1/2’’ 24’’

Pressure rating: PN10/150lbs

End connection: Flanged RF Wafer Lug

Body materials: WCB/CF8

Disc materials: 304/316

Disc seal ring: ceramic

Seat materials: ceramic

Technical standards:

Design: MSS SP-81

Face to Face: ASME B16.10

Flanged ends: ANSI B16.5 EN1092-1

Test & Inspection: MSS SP-81