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Flanged End Inline Sewage Grinder

Flanged End Inline Sewage Grinder

    The HC Flanged end sewage grinder connects with pipelines through flanges to grind various kinds of solid waste in pipelines such as clothing, plastic bottle, tree branch, aluminum can into 6mm-12mm tiny particles.

    The HC Flanged end wastewater grinder is designed to reduce the solid size, prevent clogging and protect the downstream equipments such as pumps and valves from damage in the pipeline. 

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Working Principle:

Inline sewage grinder working principle

1. Solid wastes enter the HC inline sewage grinder with pipeline flow through flange connection.

2. Double shaft cutters grind the solid wastes by rotating in opposite direction.

3. Solid wastes are reduced to 6 mm-12mm tiny particles without threat to downstream equipments.

Main Components:


Flanged end inline sewage grinder main components

Sturdy and durable, ASTM A536 ductile cast iron


ANSI 4140 heat treated ally steel with surface harden

 Double shaft blades:

Low rotating speed, high torque, powerful, low noise

Cutters and spacers:

ANSI 4130 alloy steel with hardened surface, 45-55 HRC hardness;

Overlaid with Titanium is available;

Customize cutters with various construction and teeth number to meet different applications;

 Mechanical seal assembly:

Tungsten carbide surface with Buna-N seal;

     Pressure value up to 6.3kg/cm²

Elastic coupling:

Shock absorbing and easy maintenance


Dry & wet motor with IP 55 is available;

Submersible and anti-explosive IP 68  for use under water is available;

Planetary gear reducer:

Strong anti-shock ability

    The HC Flanged inline sewage grinder is designed to be installed in pipelines to grind the solid waste in pipelines to 8 mm-12 mm solid particles.


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