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Secondary Shredder

Double Shaft Secondary Shredder

Double Shaft Secondary Shredder

    The HC Double shaft secondary shredder is designed to shred small and medium-sized solid waste after pre-shredding. The HC double shaft secondary shredder is used widely for shredding paper, organic, plastics, textiles, tires, wood, scrap metal, municipal solid waste, medical waste, hazardous waste, E-waste, C & D debris and C & I waste etc.

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The HC double shaft secondary shredder is specially design for fine shredding the solid waste into size of 8 mm to 80mm with design output of 0.3 T/h to 100T/H.


Suitable for but not limited to

Plastic shredder  Scap Metal Shredder

  Plastic film, plastic pellets, plastic drum, pipe         Aluminium, steel, car, cooper wire & cable

Wood shredder Tire shredder

     Wood pallets, railroad tires, wood board            Tires, rubber products, leather products


Medical waste shredder Poultries

  Medical waste, perfusion tube, injection tube    Various slaughtered poultries: pigs, chicken etc.

Textile shredder E-waste shredder

  Textile, carpet, old clothes, shoes, mattress         Hard disc, TV, fridge, circuit board, Monitor


Municipal solid waste, industrial waste, biomass, kitchen food waste, coconut, agriculture straw etc.

Main components:

Rotating screen for double shaft secondary shredder

Rotating screen:

The rotating screen can be installed on the double shaft secondary shredder to control the output size. The rotating trommel screen around the shredder body makes the shredded oversize particle back into the shredder hopper to be shredded again.

hydraulic feeder for double shaft secondary shredder

Hydraulic feeder:

When shredding large hollow waste, the shredder can be equipped with hydraulic ram to push the materials to the cutters for shredding to increase the shredding efficiency.

Main shaft for double shaft secondary shredder

Main shaft:

The reducer and the cutters are connected with the main shaft through Germany standard spline with large transmission torque. The parts in the main shaft are not relative sliding. The total contact area with many teeth is able to bear heavy load with high positioning accuracy and even contacting pressure.

Cutters for double shaft secondary shredder

Double shaft cutters:

Overall Drawings:

double shaft secondary shredder overall drawing


Model Parameters:

Customized double shaft secondary shredders are supplied to our customers according to specific feeding materials, capacity and output size.

Model parameter for Double shaft secondary shredder