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Polyurethane Lined Wear-resistant Knife Gate Valve

Polyurethane Lined Wear-resistant Knife Gate Valve

    The SV polyurethane lined knife gate valve with strong wear resistance is specially designed for medium of coal, sewage, mud, slurry, pulp, medicine, sugar, fiber, powder, ash in industries of mining, wastewater treatment, paper making, food, pharmaceutical and power station.

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  • Features
  • Specification

  • The SV polyurethane lined knife gate valve has strong abrasion resistance;
  • The blade type disc of the SV PTFE lined knife gate valve is helpful to cut off the medium and discharge the residue so that the knife gate valve can be operated without blocking;
  • The lift type wedge can scrape the adhered medium on the seal face automatically;
  • Short face to face, light weight, small installation space needed, easy to install and dismantle;
  • Soft seal, metal seal, single direction seal, bidirectional seal are available;
  • Handwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic, electric, sprocket wheel, electric-hydraulic operated available.

Product range:

  • Size: DN50DN2000 2’’80’’
  • Pressure rating: PN10 PN16 150lbs
  • End connection: Flanged Wafer Lugged
  • Body materials: WCB+ Polyurethane lined CF8+ Polyurethane lined etc.
  • Wedge materials: 304 316 etc.
  • Operation: Handwheel bevel gear pneumatic electric sprocket wheel electric-hydraulic operated

Technical standards:

  • Design: MSS SP-81
  • Face to Face: MSS SP-81
  • Flanged ends: ASME B16.5
  • Test and inspection: MSS SP-81