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High Speed Secondary Pulverizer

High Speed Secondary Pulverizer
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The HC high speed secondary shredder is specially design for fine shredding the solid waste into size of 5 mm to 60 mm with design output of 300 Kgs/h to 800 Kgs/H (depends on materials’ density).


Suitable for but not limited to 

plastic pulverizer  Tire granulator

Woven bag, PET bottle, Plastic barrel, ABS, Fiber  Tire, Rubber products, Leather products

wood secondary pulverizer  secondary pulverizer for wire, cable

Wood, Timber, Tree root, Wood pallets, Plywood             Power cable, copper wire, tube

Paper pulverizer  light metal pulverizer

           Commercial and industrial paper                light metal, aluminum can, Aluminum scrap

E waste pulverizer  solid waste pulverizer

 E-waste, TV shell, Washing machine shell, PCB        MSW, RDF, SRF, MRF, Industrail waste

Main components:

R type rotor for high speed pulverizer

R type Rotor:

The R type rotor is suitable for pulverizing hard pipe, thick wall materials and sheets etc.

V type rotor for high speed pulverizerV type Rotor:

The V type rotor is suitable for pulverizing PET bottles, normal pipe, tube and plastic film etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

S type rotor for high speed pulverizerS type Rotor:

The S type rotor is suitable for pulverizing very hard materials such as rubber head, thick wall pipe, thick board, power cable or fine pulverizing for RDF (20-30mm).

K type rotor for high speed pulverizer

K type Rotor:

The K type rotor is suitable for secondary pulverizing treatment for any materials except metallic materials.

Model Parameters:

Customized high speed secondary pulverizer are supplied to our customers according to specific feeding materials, capacity and output size.

Medium high speed pulverizer


heavy duty high speed pulverizer