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Handwheel Operated With Cover Knife Gate Valve

Handwheel Operated With Cover Knife Gate Valve
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l  The blade type disc is helpful to cut off the medium and discharge the residue so that the knife gate valve can be operated without blocking;

l  The lift type wedge can scrape the adhered medium on the seal face automatically;

l  Rising stem and non-rising stem available;

l  Short face to face, light weight, small installation space needed, easy to install and dismantle;

l  Handwheel, bevel gear, pneumatic, electric, sprocket wheel, electric-hydraulic operated available;

l  Soft seal, metal seal, single direction seal, bidirectional seal are available.

Product range:

l Size: DN50DN2000, 2’’80’’

l  Pressure rating: PN10, PN16, 150lbs

l  End connection: Flanged, Wafer, Lugged

l  Body materials: WCB, CF8, CF8M etc.

l Wedge materials: 2Cr13, 304, 316 etc.

l Operation: handwheel, gear, electric, pneumatic

 Technical standards:

l Design: MSS SP-81

l Face to Face: MSS SP-81

l Flanged ends: ASME B16.5

l Test and inspection: MSS SP-81