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Double Shaft Shredder

Small & Medium Double Shaft Shredder

Small & Medium Double Shaft Shredder

    The HC small & medium double shaft tire shredder is designed to shred small & medium size waste such as MSW, wood, plastic, rubber, medical waste, hazardous waste, scrap metal, E-waste, textile, food waste and various slaughtered poultries etc.

    The HC small & medium double shaft tire shredder is often used as secondary shredder.

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Main Features:
  • Double shaft, low rotating speed, high torque, high production capacity, wide range of applied materials;
  • Module design makes the double shaft shredder convenient for repair and replacement;
  • Cutters and spacers are in material of American heat treated special alloy steel with high hardness, strong anti corrosion ability and excellent cutting performance. Cutters with Titanium overlaid are harder, more anti-wearable and anti-corrosive with 1.5~2 times longer service life.
  • Shaft and cutter are connected by German standard spline with large transmission torque. The shaft is not easy to deform and convenient to assemble and repair.
  • Motor and reducer are from international famous brands such as Siemens to ensure the power system stay stable.
  • Split and detachable type bearing seat is fast to install and assemble.
  • The special seal structure prevents the shredded material from entering into the gear box effectively. It can also protect the bearing and gear when processing liquid materials.
  • Start, rotate reversely and stop automatically and remote controllable;
  • Motor protection when jamming, overloading, overheating and short circuit;
  • Electronic components are from international famous brand of Siemens, ABB, and Schneider;
  • Frequency is adjustable to adjust the rotating speed of blades according to the real production capacity to save energy.

Blades with different hooks:

Cutters with different hooks

  • Single-hook blade is the most general blade with powerful structure and suitable for wide range of applications.
  • Multi-hook blade is suitable for shredding fragile materials to increase the output.

Blades with different thickness:

Blades with different combined type:                  

Integral blades of double shaft shredderAssembly blades of double shaft shredder

                        Integral Blades                                                Assembly Blades        

Model Parameters:

Customized small & medium double shaft shredders are supplied to our customers according to specific feeding materials, capacity and output size and so on.

Small double shaft shredder model parameters

Medium double shaft shredder model parameters