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Double Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft MSW Shredder

Double Shaft MSW Shredder

    The HC Double shaft municipal solid waste shredder is designed to shred the municipal solid waste for better incineration in waste to energy plant.

    The HC Double shaft MSW shredder is also often used as bale breaker, pre-shredder or secondary shredder.

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The HC double shaft municipal solid waste shredder is specially design to shred various municipal solid wastes into size of 8 mm to 300 mm with design output of 0.3 T/h to 100 T/H.

Main Components:

Rotating screen for double shaft shreddersRotating screen:

The rotating screen can be installed on the double shaft secondary shredder to control the output size. The rotating trommel screen around the shredder body makes the shredded oversize particle back into the shredder hopper to be shredded again.

hydraulic drive for double shaft shreddersHydraulic Drive:

The hydraulic drive replaces the motor drive to increase the torque for bulky waste and control the speed to achieve high torque, low speed and low noise. The hydraulic drive also ensure the stability of shredding and avoid mechanical damage of shredder.

Hydraulic feeder for double shaft shreddersHydraulic feeder:

When shredding large hollow waste, the shredder can be equipped with hydraulic ram to push the materials to the cutters for shredding to increase the shredding efficiency.

bearing seat for double shaft shredderBearing Seat:

Engineering strengthened design and split two-piece structure achieve convenient maintenance. The dust-proof clapboard prevents the liquid or debris from damaging the bearing seat so that service life of the bearing seat can be prolonged.

Double Shaft Cutters:

Various cutters configurations to suit different applications:

primary shredder cutters

secondary shredder cutters

double shaft for double shaft shreddersMain shaft:

The reducer and the cutters are connected with the main shaft through Germany standard spline with large transmission torque. The parts in the main shaft are not relative sliding. The total contact area with many teeth is able to bear heavy load with high positioning accuracy and even contacting pressure.

PLC Control System:

PLC control system for primary shredderPLC control system for pre-shredder

Start, rotate reversely and stop automatically and remote controllable;

Motor protection when jamming, overloading, overheating and short circuit;

Electronic components are from international famous brand of Siemens, ABB, and Schneider;

Frequency is adjustable to adjust the rotating speed of blades according to the real production capacity to save energy.

Model Parameters:

Customized double shaft shredders are supplied to our customers according to specific feeding materials, capacity and output size and so on.

Overall dimensions of double shaft shredders

Small double shaft shredder model parameters

Medium double shaft shredder model parameters

Heavy duty double shaft shredder model parameters