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Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Wood Shredder

Single Shaft Wood Shredder
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Plastics etc.PP, HPPE, plastic pellets,to shred the plastic for recycling.: plastic film, woven bag, baled PET/ HDPE & LDPE/ PP/ HIPS/ PS plastic pellets, plastic barrel, plastic pipes, plastic board, foam, MRF residuals, plastic lump, fiber, high strength engineering plastic

Textile: carpet, mattress, old clothes etc.

Wood: timber, tree root, wood board, plywood, railroad tires etc.

Light metal: can, aluminum scraps, wire, cable, tube

Other solid waste: paper, rubber, municipal solid waste, RDF (Reuse derive fuel), medical waste, industrial waste, hazardous waste, SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel), MRF (Materials Recovery Facility) 

Various Rotors:

Right choice for rotor will enhance the shredding performance and increase the producing efficiency.

High performance anti-friction rotor:

High performance anti-friction rotor for single shaft shredderSuitable for shredding large hollow material such as IBCS, trash barrels, water barrels, plastic bottles, nylon material, glass fiber, PET baling strap, fishing net, scrap iron strap and aluminum block after machining etc.

Film rotor:

Film rotor of single shaft shredderSuitable for shredding MSW, RDF processing, agriculture plastic film, canvas, various industrial waste paper, industrial packing material, dry & wet straw etc.

General high performance rotor for single shaft shredderGeneral high performance rotor:

Suitable for shredding soft, wrapping materials such as electronic wire, power cable, gunny bag etc.

Hard material rotor:

Hard material rotor for single shaft shredderSuitable for shredding large volume, crumbly and solid hard board to reduce volume such as various rubber, wood board, rubber block, furniture, bed, PCB, shell of home appliance etc.

Model Parameters:

Customized single shaft shredders are supplied to our customers according to specific feeding materials, capacity and output size and so on.

Small single shaft shredder

Medium single shaft shredder

Heavy duty single shaft shredder