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Single Shaft Shredder

Single Shaft Pipe Shredder

Single Shaft Pipe Shredder
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There are vertical type single shaft pipe shredder and horizontal type single shaft pipe shredder.

Main Components:

Automatic belt tension seat: The motor is installed on a belt tension supporting seat, which can adjust the motor position to reach the preset tension, no need manual adjusting.

Pusher: The hydraulic pusher pushes materials to the rotor repeatedly for shredding.

Screen: Various size and shape of screens make the oversize particles shredded again.

Rotor: Various rotor configurations are available for shredding wide range of materials. The four edges of rotor can be used in turn to extend the service life by three times.

Shock absorber: Shock absorber protects the machine and its spare parts from damage during shredding. Equipped with micro relay, the shredder can be shut down immediately when there is a sudden overloading. 

Reducer: Hardened gear, safe and stable, equipped with water cooling function.

Bearing seat: Installed externally can effectively avoid dust entering into the bearing seat. Equipped with lubricating nipple.

Hydraulic system: Pressure and flow rate can be adjusted in according with the material type.

PLC control system: With Siemens programmed control system, the machine can be set to start, stop, and reverse automatically and protected from overloading and jamming.