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Forging Steel Pressue Seal Bellows Seal Globe Valves

Forging Steel Pressue Seal Bellows Seal Globe Valves

    The SV forged steel pressure seal bellows seal globe valve can be safely used in high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, toxic, strong permeability, radioactive, expensive, high pure medium conditions.

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  • Features
  • Specification

  • The SV forged steel bellows seal globe valves with forged body are suitable for high pressure and high temperature;
  • The SV pressure seal bellows seal globe valve with pressure self-sealing bonnet is suitable for high pressure conditions with better sealing performance;
  • The metal bellows connect the cover and stem to keep the stem without leakage;
  • Double seal design with bellows seal and packing seal protects against leakage and provides excellent seal;
  • Grease nipple can lubricate the stem, nut and sleeve.

Product range:

  • Size:1/2’’ 2’’, DN15DN50
  • Pressure rating: Class 150lbs1500lbs, PN16, PN25, PN40
  • End connection: Flanged RF, RTJ, BW
  • Body materials: A105,LF2,F5,F9,F11,F22,F304,F304L,F316,F321,F51 etc.
  • Operation: handwheel, gear, electric, pneumatic

Technical standards:

  • Design: API602, DIN3356
  • Face to Face: ASME B16.10, DIN3202
  • Flanged ends: ASME B16.5, DIN2543, DIN2545
  • BW ends: ASME B16.25, EN12627
  • Test and inspection: API598, DIN3230