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Abrasion Resistant Valves

Ceramic Ball Valve For Nickel Refinery

Ceramic Ball Valve For Nickel Refinery


    Thermal power plant: Lime slurry, fly ash

    Steel work: Ore, coal, coke, carbon powder

    Mining: copper, Zinc, Nickel suspension

    Polysilicon: Silicon powder

    Alumina: Aluminium oxide powder

    Paper & Pulp: Kaoflin, wood particles

    Petrochemical: Catalyst slurry

    FertilizerAmmonium nitrate slurry

    Chemistry: Corrosive and abrasive service

    Pneumatic conveying: Cement, glass, fiber

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The YFL partial lined ceramic ball valve is suitable for toughest applications as follows:

Coal fired power plants: Flue gas desulphurisation plants (FGD); Lime slurry and gypsum slurry process water with high chlorides and solids content;

Steel works: Injection of coal powder (PCI); Injection of carbon powder in electric arc furnaces (EAF); Raw iron desulphurisation (supply of additives: CaC, MgO2…)

Polysililcon:Si3Cl4, TCS, raw silicon, splitting of silicon with acids, conveying of silicon powder;

Waste incineration plants: HCl - prewashers, limestone suspension for pH regeneration, corrosive washing water (HF loaded);

Paper & Pulp/dye works: Kaoflin, bentonite, fillers, dyes, bleachers and talcum;

Paper machine: Pulp residue, lime suspension, MgO2, green liquor, wood particles in suspension;

Mining: Copper: Splitting of ore with H2SO4 , copper residues in suspension, concentrated copper slurries (˝floatation˝) to the filter, pneumatic conveying of copper powder to smelter, air bleed valve on the pneumatic conveying container; There are similar applications for zinc and other noble metals. Pneumatic conveying: All types of dry bulk material (quartz, silicon, lime, coal, glass, cement, PP pellet etc.);

Petrochemistry: FCC aluminium oxide powder as the catalyst, catalyst slurry;

Fertilizer: Ammonium nitrate slurry, phosphoric acid with solids (lime), dolomite, washing water with hydrofluoric acid content;

Chemistry: Pigments: TiO2 suspension, Ti3Cl4, H2SO4 + TiO2, FeCl2 etc.

Product range:

Size: DN15DN300 1/2’’ 12’’

Pressure rating: PN16PN100 150lbs600lbs

End connection: Flanged RF RTJ BW

Body materials: A105 F304 F316 lined with Al2O3 ceramic

Seat materials: Al2O3 ceramic

Ball materials: ZrO2 ceramic

Technical standards:

Design: ASME B16.34

Face to Face: ASME B16.10

Flanged ends: ANSI B16.5 EN1092-1

Test & Inspection: API598