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Hydraulic Hydroturbine Inlet Butterfly Valve with Short Pipes

Hydraulic Hydroturbine Inlet Butterfly Valve with Short Pipes

    The SV hydropower station hydroturbine inlet butterfly valve with short pipes is specially designed to be installed at inlet of hydro turbine in hydro power station. As the inlet valve of water turbine generator set, this valve is very important equipment to cut off or connect the service in the hydro power plant pipeline system.

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  • Full set of the SV hydraulic control hydro turbine inlet butterfly valve includes main butterfly valve, hydraulic power station, dismantling joints, connection short pipes at both ends, bypass system, bypass electric ball valve, maintenance butterfly valve, air valve, drain valve;
  • Large offset design fully utilizes the feature that the SV water turbine inlet butterfly valve can be closed itself by the water power to ensure the reliability of closing valve;
  • Opening or closing valve can be remote controlled by PLC control system;
  • Turbine inlet valve and the turbine generator set can achieve interlocking program control and microcomputer centralized control through PLC control system;
  • Double layers disc with double seal structure, the upstream side with metal seal and the downstream side with soft seal;
  • When the downstream soft seal can’t work, the upstream metal seal will work and cut off the service to replace the downstream soft seal ring;
  • Manual equipment or automatic locking device is available under request.

whole set hydraulic control water turbine inlet butterfly valvesFull set of hydraulic hydroturbine inlet butterfly valvesHydraulic control water turbine inlet butterfly valves

Product range:

  • Size: 6"140" (DN1503500)
  • Pressure rating: Class 150300 (PN2.5PN40)
  • End connection: BW
  • Body materials: Carbon steel, Grey cast iron, Ductile iron
  • Disc materials: Carbon steel, Grey cast iron, Ductile iron
  • Seat materials: stellite, copper alloy, stainless steel
  • Seal ring: stainless steel+ graphite, NBR, EPDM
  • Operation: hydraulic
  • Control power supply: AC220V, DC220V, DC110V, DC24V

Technical standards:

  • Design: DIN, AWWA
  • Face to Face: API 609,ASME B16.10, ISO5752
  • BW ends: ASME B16.25, ASME B31.8, EN12627
  • Wall thickness: ASME B16.34
  • Test and inspection: API 598
  • Fireproof test: API 607, API 6FA
  • Pressure and temperature rating: API609, ASME B16.34