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Lugged Concentric Double Shaft Butterfly Valve Without Pin

Lugged Concentric Double Shaft Butterfly Valve Without Pin

    The SV lugged center line butterfly valve with a single piece body or double pieces split body and threaded lugs is installed by two sets of bolts between flanges.  

    It features the shaft center line, the disc center line and the valve body center line in the same position.

    The SV concentric lugged butterfly valve has rubber coated or fluorine lined seat and body to achieve bidirectional bubble tight seal with simple structure.

    It is suitable for both on and off or throttling applications but not suitable for high pressure and high temperature medium.

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  • Features
  • Specification

  • Center line structure, bidirectional seal and no installation direction requirement;
  • Upper and lower double half shafts, disc without pin, non-backed replaceable seat with good performance and longer service life;
  • One through shaft, disc with or without pin, backed seat or non-backed seat;
  • Simple structure, small volume, light in weight, small installation space, quick open or close, small operate torque, small fluid resistance, suitable for large size pipeline, excellent regulating performance, good seal performance;
  • Square and short neck is easy for fixing nameplate and cost saving;
  • Easy installation and maintenance, no flanges and gaskets needed;
  • The SV lugged concentric butterfly valve has good seal performance of vulcanized seat, boding firm, good elasticity and low torque;
  • The SV lugged center line butterfly valves with rubber coated disc and body are abrasion resistant;
  • Fluorine lined disc and body are corrosive resistant;
  • Full PTFE coated for corrosive medium like hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, alkali chlorine etc.;
  • Extended bonnet or extended stem is available for underground installation;
  • Aluminum bronze butterfly valve is suitable for sea water.

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Product range:

  • Size: 1"24" (DN25600)
  • Pressure rating: PN10PN16
  • End connection: Lugged
  • Body materials:  cast iron GG25, ductile iron GGG40, GGG50, stainless steel CF8, CF8M, Duplex 904L, Aluminum bronze C95800 etc.;
  • Disc materials: GGG40, GGG50, CF8, CF8M, 904L, Aluminum bronze etc.
  • Stem materials: stainless steel SS410, SS416, SS420, SS304, SS316 etc.
  • Seat materials: EPDM, NBR, WRAS-EPDM, VITON, Silicon, PTFE, Hyplon etc.
  • Operation: Bare stem, lever, gearbox and handwheel, electric, pneumatic.

Technical standards:

  • Design: API 609
  • Face to Face: API 609, EN558-1 20 Series, BS5155, DIN3202 K1
  • End flange standard: DIN PN10/PN16, ANSI 125#/150#, BS4504 PN10/ PN16, JIS B2220 10K
  • Top flange standard: ISO 5211
  • Test and inspection: API 598