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Heavy Duty Four Shaft Primary Shredder

Heavy Duty Four Shaft Primary Shredder

    The HC Heavy duty four shaft primary shredder is designed to shred large and hard waste like car, printer, fridge, TV, sofa, metal can, plastic drum, scrap metal, hard disk, electric circuit board, commercial and industrial waste (C & I) and construction and demolition (C & D) etc. The HC four shaft primary shredder is often used as a pre-shredder for scrap metal recycling, tire recycling and wood recycling.

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The HC Heavy duty four shaft pre-shredder is specially design to pre-shred the bulky waste into size of 210 mm to 700mm with design output of 10T/h to 100T/H.

Overall Structure:

Four shaft shredder overall structure


  • The HC four shaft shredder is driven by two planet reducers with two motors and rotate at different speeds to tear, extrude and cut the large size waste.
  • Low rotating speed, high torque, strong processing capacity and wide range of applications.
  • Module design makes the four shaft shredder convenient for repair and maintenance.
  • Cutters and spacers in material of heat treated special alloy steel with high hardness, strong anti corrosion ability and excellent cutting performance. Titanium overlaid cutters and spacers are available to be harder, more anti-wearable and anti-corrosive, so that the service life can be extended by 1.5~2 times.
  • Shaft and cutters are connected by spline, which make it has larger transmission torque, not easy to deform and convenient to assemble and repair.
  • Motor and reducer are from international famous brands like Siemens to ensure stable power system.
  • Bearing seat adopts patented split and detachable type, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
  • The special seal structure prevents the shredded materials from entering into the gear box effectively to protect the bearing and gear when shredding liquid materials.
  • Various cutters configurations are optional for different applications.

PLC control system:

  • Start, rotate reversely and stop automatically and remote controllable;
  • Motor protection when jamming, overloading, overheating and short circuit;
  • Electronic components are from international famous brand of Siemens, ABB, and Schneider;
  • Frequency is adjustable to adjust the rotating speed of blades according to the real production capacity to save energy.

Overall Drawings:

Four shaft shredder overall dimensions

Model Parameters:

Four shaft shredder model dimensions and parametersFour shaft shredder model dimensions and parameters