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Waste Plastic Recycling Line

Waste Plastic Recycling Line

    The HC Waste plastic recycling line is designed to recycle the PE agricultural film, PE industrial waste film, PET bottle, PP woven bag, HDPE bottle.

    The plastic pellets produced by the waste plastic recycling line remain the chemical properties and have good materials performance to meet the technical requirements of blow film, wire drawing, pipe drawing, injection molding, extrusion molding for production of various plastic products.

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Waste Plastic Recycling Line Main Components:
  • Conveyer belt: Convey bundles or bulk materials to the singe shaft shredder.; Single shaft shredder: shred the materials with water and clean the materials while shredding;

  • Prewasher: remove sands, stones etc.
  • Floating separator: clean the materials, remove some sand and foreign materials, separate different dense materials;
  • High speed pulverizer: pulverize the materials with water and clean the materials while pulverizing;
  • High temperature boiler: wash the materials and melt the adhesive at high temperature mainly used for cleaning PET bottles;
  • Horizontal rubbing cleaner: clean the materials in high speed and reduce impurities for next processing;
  • Centrifugal dehydrator: remove most of the water from the materials surface;
  • Hot air drying system: dry the materials; 
  • Labels removing system: remove the rest labels for the plastic bottles.

Applications of recycled plastic pellets:

plastic products recycled from waste plastic

Model & Parameters:

Main equipments and Technical Data of waste plastic recycling line

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