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Rotork Electric Actuated Orbit Plug Valve

Rotork Electric Actuated Orbit Plug Valve
    The YFL Rotork Electric Actuated Orbit Plug Valve is designed to be used in pipeline of airline jet fuel, crude oil, clean oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, coal gas and chemical media etc.
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1. The disc and seat are separated when open or close the valve . There will be no any contact between the body sealing face and the sealing face of sliders during the open and close of the orbit plug valve. Therefore, there will be no abrasion during valve operation and the service life is much longer and the operation torque is small.

2. No need to remove the valve from pipeline when maintenance. Only need to dismantle the bottom cover and replace a pair of slider. The maintenance will be very convenient.

3. The orbit plug valve is full bore and the service can go through the valve without any flow resistance. The pigging ball can pass this valve to clean the pipeline to overcome the disadvantage of reduced bore valve.

4. The inside body of the valve is overlaid with hard chrome. The sealing area is hard and smooth.

5. The Viton rubber is molded in the groove of the sliders to achieve resilient seal. And the metal to metal seal is backing to the resilient seal to be fire safe.

6.  There is optional automatic relief device to prevent pressure increasing singularly when the valve is fully closed.


Design and manufacture: API 599, API 6D

Face to Face: ASME B16.10

Flange: ASME B16.5

Test: API 598, API 6D


Sizes: 1/2''-14''

Pressure: 150lbs-900lbs

Operation: Handwheel, gear operated, electric operated