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Knife gate valve&Slab gate valve

Pneumatic Polyurethane Lined Knife gate valve

Pneumatic Polyurethane Lined Knife gate valve
    The YFL Pneumatic Polyurethane Lined Knife gate valve is designed with Polyurethane Lined fully lined in the body specially for abrasive service in many applications like mining slurry, urban sewage treatment, powder, paper, chemicals etc.
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1. Body fully lined with  abrasion resistant Polyurethane rubber

2. No groove, no residual medium in the body

3. Bi-directional seal 

4. Super wearable resistant for mining

5. Suitable for  high pressure up to 16 bar 

6. 2pc-body design

7. Full port design


Design Standard: MSS SP-81 

Flange Standard: DIN PN10, PN16, 150LB, JIS 10K, TABLE E/D

Face to Face: MSS SP-81

Testing Standard: API-598

Connection ends: Wafer,Lug,Flange

Operation: handwheel, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, sprocket, electric-hydraulic, gear 

Working Pressure: 

DN50-DN200         16bar 

DN250-DN400       10bar 

DN450-DN600        8bar

DN650-DN800        6bar


Body material: GGG40 

Wedge material: F55,F53,2205,SS310,SS316L,SS316,SS304     

Sealing material: Polyurethane rubber

Packing: high-water-based rubber packing graphite wheel