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No detenstion sanitary ball valve

No detenstion sanitary ball valve
    The YFL no detention sanitary ball valve and plug valve is the same type of valve. Its closing piece is a sphere, which around the center line of a rotary valve to achieve the valve opening and closing. Stainless steel ball valve in the pipeline is mainly used to make cut, distribution and change the direction of media flow is widely used in recent years as a new type of valve. 
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The advantages of YFL no detention sanitary ball valve:

Small fluid resistance, the resistance coefficient and the length of the pipe with the same, simple structure, small size, light weight, strong and reliable. The current ball valve sealing surface material widely used plastic, sealing in a vacuum system has also been widely used. Easy to operate, opening and closing rapidly, from fully open to fully closed as long as the rotation 90 °, to facilitate the remote control. Widely used in chemical, petroleum, power, pharmaceuticals, beer, food, dairy beverage, cosmetics, water treatment and other fields.

Structure: straight/tee manual/pneumatic/electrical
Disk: T/L/Straight type
Standard: DIN 3A SMS ISO IDF DS 
Size: 1 / 2 "-4" DN10-DN100 
Max pressure: 16bar/230Psi 
Material: ASTM T304/316L 1.4301/1.4404 
Highest temperature: 150 ℃ / 302 ℉ meet the CIP / SIP 
Connections: Clamp thread welding and flange 
Gasket: NBR EPDM