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Abrasion Resistant Valves

Ceramic V-Port Ball Valve for Nickel Hydrometallurgy

Ceramic V-Port Ball Valve for Nickel Hydrometallurgy


    Thermal power plant: Lime slurry, fly ash

    Steel work: Ore, coal, coke, carbon powder

    Mining: copper, Zinc, Nickel suspension

    Polysilicon: Silicon powder

    Alumina: Aluminium oxide powder

    Paper & Pulp: Kaoflin, wood particles

    Petrochemical: Catalyst slurry

    FertilizerAmmonium nitrate slurry

    Chemistry: Corrosive and abrasive service

    Pneumatic conveying: Cement, glass, fiber

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  • Features
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Three-piece forged body

Forged body avoids cast defect of cast body;

O-port & V-port ball

O-port ball mainly used as shut off function;

V-port ball mainly used as control function;

V-port ball can cut off fiber to avoid blocking;

Ball in material of Ceramic ZrO2

Ball requires material with high flexural strength;

Ceramic ZrO2 has higher flexural strength than Ceramic Al2O3;

Seat in material of Ceramic Al2O3

Seat requires material with high pressure resistance.

Ceramic Al2O3 has higher pressure resistance than Ceramic ZrO2.

Body fully lined with Ceramic Al2O3

Body fully lined with ceramic Al2O3 is protected from wear and corrosion.

Excellent Anti-corrosion performance

The 99% Al2O3 and ZrO2 ceramics are inert to almost all organic and inorganic chemicals except hydrofluoric acid.

The Silicon carbide ceramic is resistant to hydrofluoric acid.

Strong stability in strong acid, strong alkali and strong corrosive slurry avoids pollution to the service.

Excellent Anti-abrasion performance

The 99% Al2O3 ceramic with hardness of HRA88 and the ZrO2 ceramic with hardness of HRA85 are many times harder than stainless steel and cemented carbide.

The extreme hardness makes the ceramic with high wear resistance against friction in pneumatic conveying of powder and abrasive slurry with hard solid content in industries of steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, power plant, paper, pulp and polysilicon etc.

Excellent seal performance

Through precise grinding, the ceramic ball closes tightly to the ceramic seat to achieve zero leakage (class VI).

There is no any space between the ball and seat to avoid blocking problem.

Small operate torque

The characteristic of high hardness and extreme low surface roughness reduces the friction coefficient of sealing face and the operate torque of valve.

Equipped with ISO 5211 mounted pad

Pneumatic actuator and electric actuator can be connected with the ball valve through ISO 5211 mounted pad.

Product range:

Size: DN15DN300 1/2’’ 12’’

Pressure rating: PN16PN100 150lbs600lbs

End connection: Flanged RF RTJ

Body materials: A105 F304 F316 lined with Al2O3 ceramic

Seat materials: Al2O3 ceramic

Ball materials: ZrO2 ceramic

Technical standards:

Design: ASME B16.34

Face to Face: ASME B16.10

Flanged ends: ANSI B16.5 EN1092-1

Test & Inspection: API598