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API 6A Plug Valve & Ball Valve

API 6A Plug Valve & Ball Valve

    The SV API 6A plug valve is an important part that is used on the high pressure manifold For the cementing and fracturing operations in oil field.

    The API 6A ball valve is mainly use on the wellhead equipments and pipelines. 

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  • Features
  • Specification

  • The SV API 6A plug valve features compact structure, easy maintenance, small torque, rapid opening and easy operation;
  • It consists of the valve body, plug cap, plug and etc;
  • It is available with the union 1502 inlet and outlet preparations. The cylinder body inner wall and side segments work together with the rubber seal segments to provide sealing;
  • The metal-to-metal sealing is available between the side segments and cylinder plug, featuring high precision and reliability;
  • The SV API 6A ball valve has different design structures: floating ball , trunnion mounted ball side entry, fully-welded, top-entry;
  • Ball and seat overlaid with hard alloy, with wear resistance, erosion resistance.


Flanged end API 6A plug valvesAPI 6A Ball valvesHigh pressure plug valves

Plug Valve

  • Pressure ratings: 5000~10000 psi
  • Sizes: 2", 3"
  • Working temperature: LU, PU
  • Material classes: AA-FF
  • Production Specification Level: PSL 1-3
  • Performance Requirement (PR): PR 1-2

Ball Valve

  • Pressure ratings: 2000~10000 psi
  • Sizes: 1 13/16~7 1/16
  • Working temperature: KU
  • Material classes: AABBCCDDEEFFHH
  • Production Specification Level: PSL 1-4
  • Performance Requirement (PR): PR 1-2